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People started coming to Puerto Galera to dive over thirty years ago. At first, they had to carry their own equipment, including the compressor and tanks. Now this island paradise is a diver’s destination, a competitive area with more than thirty dive shops within a short distance to each other.

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An aerial shot of Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a year-round diving destination, unlike other areas in the Philippines. The reason for this is because of its geographical location. It is protected from typhoons and ocean swells by nearby islets and mountains. There is, however, the high season (mid-December to end of May) and the low season, with its rain and occasional windy period. If you’re thinking of coming to Puerto Galera during this time, don’t be put off, as some of the best visibility is found during the low season.

Puerto Galera became famous with the discovery of an old Chinese trading boat carrying blue and white porcelain cups, plates and Dragon jars. These were found off a popular dive site called the Manila Channel, around the same time a Spanish galleon, Nuestra Senora de la Vida which sank in 1862, was discovered on nearby Verde Island. The galleon became a favorite dive site until the greed of man came to rape and eventually destroy most of what was there. Today there are still the odd pieces of blue and white that mark the spot of the ill-fated galleon.

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The dive sites, all known for their wonderful colors and plentiful fish like are only 10 to 15 minute away from the dive centers. Being close to the dive sites means you can do a dive in the morning and have the rest of the day to yourself, or take it easy between dives without having to walk around on a crowded dive boat.

The island has a good reputation for dive education. If you are about to learn to dive of just wish to try of maybe improve your diving skill by doing advance training in any to the fields such as drift diving night, deep, search and recovery, equipment specially, underwater navigation, or go to become a professional divemaster, you will find that most of the dive centers in Puerto Galera will be able to fulfill your educational needs.  All instructors are trained professionals who take competent charge of their students, and the lessons are distinguished by a relaxed atmosphere.  The dive centers teach under internationally recognized organizations such as PADI and BSAC.

There are wonderful areas in the world to dive, Puerto Galera is just one of them. Beautiful people, lovely beaches, crystal clear waters and entertainment for everyone. Dive with a smile. (Thanks to Allan Nash of Asia Divers for the Info)