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Dive Map

dive sites

1) Dry Dock (21-28m)
2) La Laguna Pt (5-20m)
3) Alma Jane Wreck (20-30m)
4) St. Christopher Wreck (20-24m)
5) Sabang Reef (38-50m)
6) Sabang Wreck (5-20m)
7) Sabang Pt (5-25m)
8] Monkey Wreck (40-45m)
9) Monkey Beach (5-24m)
10) Ernie’s Pt (5-24m)
11) Dungon Beach/Wall (5-28m)
12) Wreck Pt (5-18m)
13) West Escarceo (5-35m)
14) Fish Bowl (38-48m)
15) Canyons (22-32m)
16) Hole in the Wall (5-20m)
17) Pink Wall (5-15m)
18) Shark Cave (26m)
19) Atoll (18-32m)
20) Kilima Beach/Steps (5-40m)
21) Sinandigan Wall (5-35m)
22) Turtle Rock (40m)
23) Coral Cove (5-22m)
24) Boulders (5-30m)
25) Japanese Wreck (42m)
26) The Hill (5-15m)
27) Batangas Channel (5-15m)
28) Mamuds Reef (25-45m)
29) Sweet Lips Corner (40-60m)
30) Marcos Cave (40-50m)
31) Coral Garden (5-12m)
32) Manila Channel (5-24m)
33) Odies Wall (22-35m)
34) Hot Spring (5-20m)
35) Verde Island (5-80m)
36) Hibo Reef (14-85m)

Featured Establishments

@ White Beach, Puerto Galera:

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White Beach Lodge VM Beach Resort La Solana Suites Francesca Resort
alt alt alt alt
Blue Water Lodge Villa Del Car Agbing Resort Marco Vincent
alt alt alt alt
White Beach Resort Sea Jewel Resort Lan-Sei Resort Dreamwave Hotel

@ Sabang, La Laguna Beach and Coco Beach

alt alt alt alt
Coco Beach Resort Tropicana Castle Mermaid Hotel Garden of Eden
alt alt alt alt
Seashore Lodge Sabang Hill Capt'n Gregg's Resort Angelyn's Resort
alt alt alt alt
Steps & Garden El Galleon Jeremy's Lodge La Laguna Villas
alt alt alt
La Laguna Beach Club Big Lalaguna Resort Scandinavian Resort Campbell Resort

@ Other Locations in Puerto Galera

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Sunset at Aninuan Amihan Villa Puerto Nirvana Resort Punta Del Este